27 Jul

Renewing activities and more changes

g4438This website is still alive. A lot of changes in the inside, what you don’t see. We enforce security as we were having hacker attacks and the site might’ve been a little buggy. Regardless the security issues, the Croft Youth Activity Center continues its activities and plans new classes and timetables. Keep informed at the activities section.

24 Jan

New sections added

CYAC is proud to open new sections (sub-pages) in our web. For those who take their first contact with the computers with Lubuntu installed on them, a nice and comprehensive guide to manage this Operating System the easy way.

And of course, as the name Croft Youth Activities Center suggests, we added a full list of activities. Feel free to contact and request more information.

06 Jan

Paintings gallery

MyPaint_waterTrees07A new section is opened: a gallery for posting your digital paintings with the software we recommended. Ask your coordinator to get your credentials to be able to upload your artwork to the Hall of Fame. Enjoy!

26 Dec

IRC chat


A new goodie for getting help was added. Useful for configuring the famous chat app, Pidgin. A do-it-yourself tutorial which guides you step by step. Check it out.

Stay tuned, more tutorials and sections to come!

25 Dec


CYAC website starts again. In a few days all sections will be filled with useful information. Stay tuned.

Oh, and Merry Christmas to everyone!